One of the greatest lessons that I am learning as a BELIEVER is that the WORD OF GOD is food for your heart, soul, and mind. Just like our body needs nutrients to grow and function, well our heart does as well for the believer. Without the WORD OF GOD, the heart will not be transformed by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and if we can not accept Him then we forfeit the KINGDOM OF GOD.  It is not enough to just confess  JESUS as Lord & Saviour. We MUST study the WORD OF GOD which is JESUS CHRIST. In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God (John 1:1).

There are many of us in the body of Christ who are malnourished meaning  starving ourselves and are not leaving the life that Jesus died for us to have. Jesus came to the earth and died so that we can live a life of abundance in Him and without the Word the enemy will kill, steal, and destroy (Paraphrase John 10:10). How can we know the path to take if we do not study to show ourselves approved (2 Timothy 2:5). The bible says in Psalm 119:105, the word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway. So many of us are stumbling in the darkness because the WORD OF GOD is not evident in our lives and we can not see without JESUS CHRIST leading the way.

I am not pointing the finger at anyone because I have to look at the plank in my own eye first before I look at anyone else (paraphrase Matthew 7:5). We have to make JESUS CHRIST our foundation or else we will have an unstable and rocky foundation that will sway to the left and right. And it will eventually fall. Jesus Christ MUST become our core! He must be the center of our lives so that we live through Him daily.  Whatever we are facing, JESUS CHRIST is the answer. If we would take the time to mediate on His word daily and hide His WORD in our hearts then we could face whatever life throws with Jesus!

I believe that life with JESUS CHRIST is the best life. Many of us are Christians that really do not believe if we are not taking the time (quality time) to read our bible (love letter) from GOD. For GOD so LOVED the world that HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON that whosoever believes in HIM will not perish but have EVERLASTING life (John 3:16). To belive in JESUS our lives must began to look like the fruit of the WORD which produces (multiply) and bring life in the Spirit. If we can take the time to scroll social media for hours and or spend hours at Starbucks drinking a latte then we can make time (priority time) for the WORD OF GOD. I pray we all take heed!


Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously and the plead the cause of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:8-9.


Today we are living in different times!

Women who have been under the radar and hidden in their shame are now coming forward to speak their truth. We have been silenced for years and now we are gathering together as we expose the injustice of rape, molestation, and harassment. Instead of hiding the truth and sweeping these inhumane occurrences  under the rug we choose to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

By being silent we are giving the enemy the permission to gather more victims. There is a time to be silent and a time to speak. Now is not the time to be silent but to OPEN YOUR MOUTH! By opening our mouth we save daughters and sons from their innocence being stolen. No one can truly understand the horror of being violated and living your life through distorted lenses.

I am standing up not only for myself and others, but for my daughter. My daughter was violated at school while her teachers where suppose to be watching her. She is considered a special needs child and was left alone with another male special needs child that sexually assaulted her. I contacted the school, the principal and teachers but all I ever got was a call from school police that shared with me the young man has done this before.


Why was he allowed to be around the young girls and not specially contained in an environment suitable for him. A place where he couldn’t cause harm to himself or others. Why where they left alone when they have two to three teachers in a classroom? Why did my daughter have to experience what I experienced? Why are we not teaching the young boys to respect girls and women? Why is it not even safe to send your child to school anymore?

I have went back and forth as to whether I should share this story with the superintendent of the district and some suggested taking it to the local news. My daughter is suffering from this and is in counsel. Our lives have forever been changed and today I am choosing to stand up for those who cant speak for themselves and those who are afraid to come forward. No more will we sweep our pain up under the rug like it doesn’t matter.

I challenge you to speak up and OPEN YOUR MOUTH because you matter! Your story matters!

What Matters Most……..

We live in a world that thrives on social media and presenting ourselves before others that we may get the necessary likes or attention to prove we are loved. We constantly check FB or Instagram to see if someone likes what GOD has created. I remember that God says in Psalm 139 that we are fearfully and wonderfully made so why do we look for others to tell us we are beautiful or talented. Everyone strives for that perfect selfie or that good side but we must understand that even on our worst day that we are GODS MASTERPIECE.

As I read my devotion this morning, Jesus reminds me in Psalm 147:11 that what matters most is the state of my heart. God is looking for a heart that is devoted to him and honors Him as the King of all Kings. I must admit that my heart has been broken several times over and I allowed bitterness to spring up. The poison of bitterness began to darken my soul from molestation, abandonment, rejection, and abuse. My soul was left in shambles by the pain of my past and left my heart in pieces left to figure out life through dark lenses.

I am threw performing so that others may like me or see me but now I submit myself mind, body, and soul to Jesus Christ to carve out the darkness by His precious light. In this season, I will BE STILL so that the surgeon, greatest physician, Jesus may perform spiritual heart surgery upon this broken vessel. Jesus Christ came so that I don’t have to be broken any longer but WHOLE! I choose to wake up everyday and give my heart to the one who made me. You will find me sitting at the feet of  Jesus Christ and allowing Him to pour His love so that darkness no longer has a seat in my soul.

I challenge you in this season to allow Jesus to examine your heart so that you can be on the right pathway and be in right standing with Him. We must constantly allow the Holy Spirit to check our hearts because they can become hardened and far away from the presence of GOD if we are not careful to stay in His word. You are what matters most to GOD and the condition of your heart. Say a simple prayer today and give Jesus your heart so that He can fill you with His pure love. I will be doing the same!