We all believe in something.

Jesus Christ.

No God.



Mother Nature.






Our life is a reflection of what we believe.

What we believe manifests in our lives.

Whether we know it or not.

The power of believe is at work.






Long Way Home

There is a road.

It leads home.

I ventured off miles ago.

I lost sight.

Blinded by the cares of this world.

I am here.

At a cross-road.

I see home in a distance in my rear view reflection.

Missing home.

My first love is there.

This path has left me alone.

Home is where I belong.

Love awaits me.

It is a long way home.

But I am turning back.

Back to life.

Back to hope.

Back to His warm embrace.

Back to safety.

My journey begins.







White Dress

I fill so dirty.

Stained by the pain of my past.

Looking like a dalmatian.

With spots everywhere.

Who can see this white dress of mine?

It is filled with the blemishes of my past.

It tells my story.

But who is the author of this tragic beginning?

Is it white?

Who can tell?

Covered in darkness.

I need a stain remover.

Only His blood can wash it away.

There is hope.

He can make it new again.



I Forgive You

I forgive you.

It wasn’t your fault.

Bitterness crept in.

It poisoned my soul.

I was angry.

I cried out to you.

You never came.

Why didnt you protect me?

My body lay lifeless in my bed of affliction.

A child.

Needing a father to protect her.

All alone.


Its been way too long.

Looking for answers.

That will never be.

You forgave me.

So I will forgive you.

Please wash me.

Wash away my yesterday.

So I can look forward to my tomorrow.




Where are you?

I have been calling you.

But no answer.

Are you too busy for me?

Do I have to take a number?

This line is too long.

I have been waiting.

I am tired.

But I don’t want to lose my spot.

I will continue to stand.

And wait.

Oh freedom when will it be my time!



I am breathing but yet no one can see me.

I am all alone.

On island I created.

Surrounded by a sea of loneliness.

I am screaming for help.

But who can hear me.

The rain has become my tears.

Drowning me in my sorrow.

I lay awake at night.

Hoping someone will find me.

Come rescue me, please.

Forgive me for my absence.

I have been gone way too long.

I awake in the morning listening for the sound of hope.

Only to find myself waiting for the ocean to bring me liberty.

Love Come Find Me

How can I know love when love was never introduced to me?

I was introduced to a cold dark world as a child.

My innocence being taken before it began.

Love where were you?

I was left searching for you.

But I couldn’t find you.

Because I didn’t know what I truly was looking for.

I found you in all the wrong places.

In those places I found great pain and sorrow.

Love, why didn’t you find me.

I been lost in the shadows of lies.

Love awaken me.

Awaken me to the sound of your beat.

I was created to love and be loved.

Love consume me with the fire of  your being.

Burn away all the pain of yesterday.

Fill me with your warm embrace.

I need you.

Teach me to walk with you until eternity.

Knock on the doors of my heart.

So I can know you.