Some say it is not an option.

But I believe it is.

It is the foundation of success.

It is the building block of our future.

It is stepping stones to greatness.

If we failed.

Then we tried.

Risk getting up again.

And trying again.

Until you get.

To where you want.

To  be.




My Skin

Brown Skin.

Why does it offend some?

From birth.

To now.

Why has my skin been shaped in iniquity?

My skin.

Is not sin!

It is colour.

That paints a portrait.

Of a beautiful people.


But Human.


With melanin.

A hue.

That shapes the world.









The fire of His love.

Burns away the past.

I am still holding on.

He is waiting for my ashes.

To give me beauty.

It is in the ashes.

That lies my history.

I am afraid.

To let go.

To begin.

A new beginning.

Change is hard.

It takes courage.

To leave the ashes behind.

It begins with one step.

To embrace.

A life.

He died for.



Why do we settle?

Because we don’t trust His plan.

His plan is far better.

Than we could imagine or think.

Why settle for a part-time lover?

When we can have a full-time lover.

Short changing our destiny?

Insecurities have plagued our hearts.

We are blinded.

By what makes us beautiful.

Our flaws.

We are more than what the human eyes see.

A treasure.

Our worth is golden.

If only we could see.

What He sees!

Then we would choose His way.

And stop settling.

Because we are valuable.

Our life.

To be handled with care.