Broken = Damaged or no longer in working order

Other words for “Broken” are shattered, fragmented, and/or crushed.

As I sit here in practically tears, I cant help but wonder is that the condition of my precious heart?

I believe it to be so, and here is why!

My heart has been drugged through the muddy waters of life.

A childhood of trauma and abuse, sexual and physcial.

Teenage years of promiscuity, can we say unhealthy soul ties formed! Yikes!!!

As an adult, broken relationships such as divorce, insert broken heart emoji, homelessness, making wrong choices off of temporary feelings, isolating myself from family and friends bc of the towers/strongholds I have built in my heart.

There is more to this story but I will stop right here.

Can you relate?

Are you broken in any area of your life?

I understand that in order for healing to begin we must recognize that there is a problem.

My name is Nicky and my heart is broken, or should I say in my case, shattered into pieces.

No wonder why I feel fragmented, all over the place.

I been running.

Running from what matters most, JESUS.

I have tried everything to fix my brokenness.

But nothing or no one has worked.

I am exhausted from the heaviness of this blanket of oppression.

How do I let Jesus into an out of service heart?!?!

Well, one thing for sure is that His word remains the same.

So, I started back reading His word so that His light can push all the darkness in my life away.

The bible says that He is close to the brokenhearted and I hope with everything within me that He is close to me right now even in my mess.

People glorify brokenness like that is some prerequisite and requisite to being a believer, but I want to glorify wholeness bc in Jesus you can be whole.

They say the road to healing is very necessary and at times extremely hard but so worth it in the end.

So today, I choose the road to healing.

Jesus and therapy it is!!!!