Look Again

This weekend I was helping my children put their beds together and for some odd reason, I was having trouble putting the rails together. I never had this problem before and so I became quite frustrated. I was very irritated that it was taking me a long amount of time to get this bed together. I remember telling my daughter that by the third time, which had already taken us about 30 minutes, that I was just going to throw them in the trash. Well, the third time did not work as well. So I sat there on the floor of my children’s bedroom contemplating on throwing them away but something happened.

It was on my heart, TO NOT GIVE UP! Out of nowhere I had this strength to reassess the conflict that was taking up so much time of my day. In that moment, I had to relax and exhale the frustrations that was bottled in my mind. I kept feeling to LOOK AGAIN. I began to look again at the makeup of the rail. I stared at the rail for a good minute or two until I was able to see what I didn’t see before. I recognized the reason why the previous attempts did not work. AH HA!!!! The light bulb in my mind turned on and I immediately began to fix the problem. And just like that, what took me 30 minutes or more, took me every bit of 5 minutes.

I am sharing this story because there is a message here for you and me. This message is for those of us who have given up on our dreams, books, songs, ideas, business, ministry, people, and so forth that God has given to us specifically. I believe we have abandoned and or rejected the very thing that God has placed in our lives to bless us. We are upset with GOD because we are tired of praying and waiting on the things we prayed for to manifest in our lives. Cityscape focused in glasses lensesBut for some of us, I believe GOD is telling us to look again. Look at what Jesus has given us through His lenses and not our own. We are sitting on a gold mine and we simply don’t know it. We are right at the point of breakthrough but the delay is on us because we have become frustrated and threw it away. We need to take what God has given us and take it out the trash. Now, some things belong in the trash, but not your dreams that are designed by God.

Today, my fellow readers, I ask that you LOOK AGAIN!

Battling Unbelief

This morning I was laying quietly on my bed.

Then I heard, “UNBELIEF.”

I immediately said, LORD HELP MY UNBELIEF!

But I feel as though this was directed on a much larger scale.


I been thinking a lot lately about the miracles, signs, and wonders.

Those things only follow those who believe!!!!

But why are we not seeing the miracles, signs, and wonders?!?!

One word: UNBELIEF.

Unbelief stops the flow and move of GOD in any believer’s life.

Unbelief says to GOD, I DONT TRUST YOU!


Where there is unbelief there is NO FAITH!


Unbelief boils down to PRIDE!


Unbelief says that you trust your own way instead of GODS WAY.

Unbelief is dangerous especially in a believer’s life.

Lord help your people, THE CHURCH to believe you again!

In every area of their lives so they can walk in the fullness of you.