Review: Jesus Is King



I never in a million years thought that I would be listening and playing a Kanye West record in my home or vehicle. I been following Kanye since the Kanye Sunday Services started and to see him surrender to Christ brings me so much joy. I saw the headlines and the spiral down that his life was taking in the media the last few years but I knew there were people who were praying for him. When he talks about Jesus, his eyes light up and his smile stretches for days. There are many skeptics but they don’t really matter when he is the one living out his own salvation. They will have to grab a seat at the table and watch up close or from afar because Kanye is on a mission for Christ.

Musically this man is a GENIUS! The bars, beats, musical arrangements are beyond what I ever expected. No wonder so many loved him in the secular arena. This man is a bona fide rapper but now he raps for Christ. I am so honored that I get to hear this music from him and it brings such a beautiful sound into the body of Christ. To be honest, I never listened to rap music until now. I am so serious. I mean I listened to a few of Lecrae’s songs but there is definitely something special about Kanye West. He has a gift that will bring many people to know and lift up the name of Jesus Christ. He will reach people that others can’t.

Jesus Is King is fire! Every song is a hit! My favorite song is GOD IS. That is my jam. I play it over and over!! Play his entire album in your home, riding down the freeway, or working out at the gym. You will not be disappointed! If you are like me once you listen to it you will become a fan of rap. But not just any rap, Christian Rap. To see this all unfold before our eyes is history in the making. Maybe even revival. Jesus can do the impossible and He changed Kanye’s heart. Nothing is too hard for GOD!!!! If God can do it for Kanye then He also can do it for you or your love one. The Angels are rejoicing and Kanye is God’s son!!!

Black Don’t Crack

My black has cracked.

Cracked from the pain and suffering.

Of the color of my skin.

Arrows of hate and racism.

Pierces my heart.

My black is bleeding.

Bleeding from injustice.

Bullets of rage.

Loaded in a gun.

All because my skin.

My black skin.

It bothers many.

If you were to see.

My skin is cracked.

Needing healing from all the scars.

Scars from slavery.

Scars from segregation.

Scars from a nation that does not fight for us.

Scars that sees my black skin as an immediate threat.

How much more can one take!

If you see me then you see my skin.

My black skin.

Cracked because of your lies.



The battlefield

I been fighting.

Fighting for a very long time.

To the point of exhaustion.

Fighting lies.

Lies that are perceived as truth.

Fighting for my identity.

Fighting against my identity.

Fighting for love.

Fighting against love.

Fighting for joy.

Fighting against joy.

Fighting for hope.

Fighting against hope.

Fighting for peace.

Fighting against peace.

Fighting nonetheless.

This civil war.

Where I have been drowning.

Drowning in my own blood, sweat and tears.

Suffocating in the chaos of it all.

All while a world is going on.

Outside my mind.

But I am here.

On this battlefield.

Fighting against myself.

This place has been my home.

Home since I was a child.

I entered this place to escape.

Escape from the abuse.

Now I am girl child.

Living in a grown woman’s body.

Still fighting.

Still bleeding.

Still hurting.

Wanting to be so deeply loved.

But too blind to see it.

And embrace it.

So I am here.

A casualty of my own war.



A New Thing

How can GOD do a new thing within our lives,

If we are still holding on to the old thing.

It is easy to hold on to the familiar

Because that’s what is comfortable

Even if it is not right for us.

We don’t realize that we are fighting,

Fighting against our own prayers.

Praying for breakthrough

But still holding on to the very thing delaying the breakthrough.

What is the antidote?


Faith to trust GOD

And allow GOD to be GOD.

Stop leaning on our own understanding,

And step into His.

Divorce every lie

And believe truth.

Truth is Christ.

He came to give us life

but we want to hold on to death.

It is time for a new normal.

Either we believe Him or we don’t.

Fear has no place in our space.


Pray for wisdom to know the direction.

Pray for strength and courage to walk it out.

It is time.

Time for us to turn the chapter to A NEW THING.

Do it even if we are afraid.

Just knowing that Christ is beside us

Is enough.