The Weight of It All

I am sitting here looking at myself in the mirror.

I am definitely not proud of what I see.

I have gained weight.

I cant fit into my size 6 pants anymore.

I am now in a size 12.

I want to cry.

But what is crying going to do.

I have put on pounds.

Pounds from the depression.

Eating to comfort myself.

Eating unhealthy choices.

Sometimes only eating once a day.

So that what I see is not me.

That is an unhealthy depressed version of me.

I see all the fit people on Instagram.

But even that does not motivate me to get fit.

What is my motivation?

Do I want to keep making the same choices?

And end up with all types of health issues.

Or do I want to fight for my life because it matters.

I choose the latter.


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